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Ah Boozhoo!

Welcome all our relations. You are invited to join us in the creation of a Medicine Wheel on the land in the traditional territory of Pic Mobert First Nation. The formation of the Medicine Wheel is spiritually driven and under the guidance of Spiritual Leaders.

Please bring a Grandfather (rock) from your home on Turtle Island to add to the Medicine Wheel.

We are located 75 kilometres east of Marathon, Ontario and 25 kilometres west of White River, Ontario on Highway 17. The entrance to the site is marked by a flag near the road that leads into the community of Pic Mobert First Nation.

White Mountain Eagle
Elder, Pic Mobert First Nation


pic-27Planting Seeds of Hope

Planting Seeds of Hope is a federally registered not for profit organisation that is committed to supporting children in their journey of self-discovery. Through alliances with Indigenous organisations, PSOH offers programs that are based on the integration of ancient Indigenous knowledge and living culture.

Programs promote connection to the natural world and foster respect and compassion for individuals and all elements of creation. Planting Seeds of Hope is proud to be the national headquarters for an international program called “Children’s Lands” that is recognised by UNESCO as being “fully in line with the objectives and priorities set by the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.”

Planting Seeds of Hope can be contacted at: www.plantingseedsofhope.ca
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Association for Children and their Environment: Children’s Lands

pic-31Responsible Tourism within the Children’s Land.

There is a magical place in the Peruvian Amazon where, in spite of the threats posed by mining, hunting and illegal tree-felling, hope that the world can improve still exists. This initiative is called Children’s Forest (BoNi) and is a natural area located in Madre de Dios – Peru. This area is taken care of by children who, alongside their families, co-exist with nature, appreciating and celebrating it.

Children’s Lands can be contacted at: www.mundodeania.org


Shaping New Worlds

pic-32Rekindling Ancient Pathways of Peace
Shaping New Worlds is a 501(c)(3) educational and cultural non-profit organisation that supports all peoples in cultivating pathways to peace and sharing their gifts with the world. SNW works in service to the ceremonial and ancestral ways of Indigenous peoples around the world whose traditional cultures emphasise peace, sustainability and well-being. SNW humbles itself to the Sacred Fire of the Thunder for guidance to connect all creation. With utmost respect to these ancient ways, SNW looks at how the past can inform the practices of today helping us to develop deep relationships with ourselves, our communities, our environment and our world. SNW places special emphasis on working with youth in innovative ways to guide, support and empower them to be the change they want to see in the world.

In support of this mission, Shaping New Worlds aligns itself with The Sacred Fire of the Thunder and is the United States non-profit arm for Soul of the Mother. Annual meetings are held at The Sacred Fire and include the Board of Shaping New Worlds and the Governing Council of Soul of the Mother. Donations to designated programs of Soul of the Mother can be made through Shaping New Worlds. Donations are tax deductible in the US while Canadian donors are requested to inquire about their respective tax laws.

Shaping New Worlds can be contacted at:

PO Box 85164,
Fairbanks AK 99708


Gitche M’Qua Centre for Healing and Dying


Gitche M’Qua Centre for Healing and Dying is a charitable organisation that brings awareness and compassion to exploring our relationship to how we are living and dying.

Our mission is to provide education, i.e. lectures, retreats and workshops, as well as establishing training and counselling for individuals and their communities facing illness or death. Our End-of-Life program was designed to train lay and professionals working with the dying, and our other programs enhance this work by offering tools to support our well being.

GMC is about understanding healing and dying. It is looking at the simple truth that everyone dies, and then asking how can we help our loved ones die peacefully. Since none of us escapes death, we believe it is important to prepare ourselves to assist one another at this important juncture of life. Dying can, we have learned, have a quality of healing, as we accept that curing an illness is not always possible. Healing fosters the qualities of acceptance, understanding, and love, as we make sense of our how we are living or how we are dying.

Gitche M’Qua Centre for Healing and Dying can be contacted at: www.gitchemqua.org

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Founders of Gitche M’Qua:
Angela De lorio Blake
and Andrew Blake at
Sarana Springs
Chatsworth, Ontario