home_dianeOur mission is to offer Ancient Indigenous wisdom as a means of joining the human spirit to the Spirit of the Creator for sacred, loving guidance in life. We join with the natural rhythm of the heartbeat of our Mother Earth and we are governed by the Sacred Laws of the Spirit.

We must make a shift from a world that has shaped our existence of egocentrism, to a world that provides a safe and sacred way of being for the young and those yet to be born. We must also create a reality where the Elders are cherished as Wisdom Keepers and take their rightful place in the Circle of Life. We must work for the restoration of the family and balance in human relationships with each other and the Natural World.

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  • Returning to the Source of Life
  • Returning to the land to feel the original rhythm of life
  • Returning to a sacred way of life
  • Remembering the Original Instructions by the Creator on how to be a balanced Human Being
  • Remembering the Covenant made in the Spirit world with the Creator… and the plan for your life
  • Remembering the Ancestral lineage that walks with you and the strength, protection and beauty that they bring to you
  • Remembrance of the pathway of life left for us by our Ancestors


  • Healing through aligning with the Ancestors, the Spirit World, Mother Earth and all of Creation
  • Alignment and balance of the spirit, mind, emotions and body
  • Acceptance of who you are and your Ancestral lineage for spiritual and cultural integrity
  • Following spiritual discipline
  • Earning your Vision


  • Making a personal commitment to maintain the beauty of the healing you received
  • Embracing your gifts and surrendering your life to the Creator
  • Accepting that you are a change-maker empowered by the Divine
  • Birthing the New Mind
  • Understanding that there are no limits to your infinite potential
  • Walking with humility in the presence of the Creator
  • Letting go of the illusions of the past, and embracing your true identity provided by the Creator’s Vision for your life


  • Personal Sacrifice and Sacred Service in restoration of all Humanity and Creation
  • Initiating change with your gifts
  • Co-creating and manifesting the Creator’s Vision for the healing of Mother Earth and balancing the Human Family


  • Embracing the Natural Order of Humanity with the nurturing and honouring of children as our primary focus of life, the presence of women as our Life Givers and Teachers, the Elders as our cherished Wisdom Keepers, and the men as our Guardians, Providers and Carriers of Sacred Law
  • Giving voice to our youth as our future leaders
  • Establishing a culture of peace for Humanity
  • Consecrating the lands and the waters of Mother Earth from the vestiges of war and conflict
  • Understanding the Code of Life that is written on the Land
  • Challenging the foundations of Humanity to incorporate Natural Laws and Spiritual Laws universally
  • Activating Ancestral strongholds in our homelands
  • Engaging spiritually guided human beings to create new systems of economy, governance, education, health, and social systems
  • Empowering our youth to initiate global change under the spiritual guidance of the Creator