Vivi’s Story

pic-26Vivi: Dora (Vivi) Silverstein

My heart has led me on an incredible search for truth, meaning, and purpose. It has guided me to a place of miracles and an environment of healing. It has helped me recapture the feelings of freedom and joy that come from embracing the medicines of unconditional love and forgiveness.

In 1996, I met my teacher Diane Longboat, Kakontakwas. I was immediately struck by her willingness to help people. She shared her gifts and wisdom unconditionally. I heard the medicine songs, the beat of the drum, and the sound of the rattles, and it awakened within me an ancient memory. This ancient memory was the start of a life-long journey of healing, sacrifice, and the ability to trust what I was feeling in my heart, as opposed to allowing my mind to constantly dominate my actions.

I have found a way of life that honours the Creator and Spirit. It is inclusive of all races, faiths and traditions. My journey of healing has fostered a deeper desire to connect with my Ancestors and Jewish faith.

My heart is full of joy when children, youth and elders bring their visions to help make the world a better place. They leave the Sacred Fire to face the outside world with peace in their hearts; they are full of faith, hope, and the knowing that their prayers have been heard. This humble act nourishes my heart, as do my children and the prayers answered as miracles.

As mentors for the next generations, we have to search deep inside our hearts to find our own truths. This requires the strength to find the healing we need to become balanced human beings again. We have a responsibility for the children and future generations.

“May all the children feel joy, security and peace. May they feel accepted, loved and respected for who they are as they carry their vision forward and create a world of true love for the generations to come.”

I carry this prayer deep in my heart.