Training of the Spiritual Warrior

pic1The Training of the Spiritual Warrior is:  Healing,  Learning,  Giving.

The Spiritual Warrior is trained through Ancient Indigenous wisdom teachings and rich ceremonial life. A Warrior must engage in spiritual discipline daily. Each day starts with the rising of the Sun in a ceremony of thanksgiving. The closing of each day ends in ceremony to give thanks and to evaluate the day’s events.

A Spiritual Warrior makes a commitment to engage in his or her personal pathway of healing. Ceremonies bring the individual into communion with the Spirit and the natural rhythm of Mother Earth. Through healing, sacrifice and service, one can learn how to implement Spiritual Law and Natural Law into daily living.

pic2Spiritual Warriors accept their Ancestral lineage to walk in balance as Men and Women. Spiritual gifts emerge and develop to serve the Creator for the balancing of Humanity and the Natural World – all of creation.

There is surrender of one’s spirit to the Creator as the starting point. There is sacrifice of one’s own ego filled existence as one begins to place the Creator and His work first in life. There is suffering as one begins the arduous journey of personal healing, shedding old patterns and embracing the infinite. It is a life long calling to serve the Creator when the message comes that we are ready. We must be filled with the knowledge of sacred connection to His words, immediate guidance and ultimate faith that His medicine will defeat all negative.