Summer Camps for Teens

Summer Camps for Teens

Designed for spiritually ~ inspired youth committed to bringing peace and change into the world.

Our Youth Camps are designed to train young people spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically so that they can understand who they are, the gifts that they carry and how to apply these gifts so that they can make global changes that will impact the world today and the generations that follow. The prophecies of Indigenous Peoples speak of gifted youth from all Nations and all faiths who need the opportunity to receive teachings to enable them to share their hopes and visions of a changing world. It is our job as the adults to teach them, to guide them and to help them believe in themselves and their destiny.

Our youth programs provide an extraordinarily unique experience of living on the land with traditional Indigenous Peoples and experiencing rich ceremonial life from a personal perspective.

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Youth Camps are typically divided into 2 sections:
“In learning to love Mother Earth and all of Creation, I learned to love myself.”
~ 2006 Camp Participant ~
The first section (4–7 days) will take place at the Sacred Fire of the Thunder, which is located in the Carolinian Forest along the banks of the Grand River near Brantford Ontario. Participants sleep in tipis and take part in the ceremonial lodges and spiritually driven activities that are being offered. Youth will be introduced to Indigenous spirituality and will engage in ceremonies with the purpose of building their individual spirits and faith so that they can make their own connections with the Creator, with Mother Earth and with all of Creation.

pic-11The second section of their camp experience will take place in Algonquin Park where participants will be introduced to canoe travel in a protected and pristine Canadian Wilderness setting. Youth are challenged on many different levels during these trips. They must meet the physical demands of paddling, portaging, breaking down and setting up camp. They will be challenged both emotionally and mentally as inclement weather, bugs and other circumstances beyond their control surface throughout the trip.

Under these conditions participants learn to work together to overcome adversity and inevitably discover the inner strength and resilience that lies within each one of them. The facilitators that guide these trips have their Canoe Certification, Wilderness First Aid, and National Lifesaving qualifications, but have also been trained spiritually to help youth to use the concept of “council” to resolve problems and find consensus when group decisions need to be made. The wilderness setting allows each youth to develop a powerful connection and appreciation for Mother Earth, for all of Creation and for the Ancestors who have lived on and cared for the land for thousands of years.

Discover the Natural Rhythm of Mother Earth…and in doing so, remember who you truly are.

If interested in attending one of our summer programs as an individual or as an already established group, please contact Soul of the Mother at (905)765-4478 for details regarding camps.
Summer Camps can be customized to meet specific requests and needs.