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home_dianeKahontakwas (Diane) Longboat
Speaker of the Governing Council of Soul of the MotherSpeaker of our Governing Council Diane Longboat, Kahontakwas, a Mohawk, Turtle Clan woman from Six Nations Grand River Territory, Canada. The traditional name defines the spiritual gifts, the place of origin and the Nation affiliation.Diane is a ceremonial leader, traditional teacher of ancient Indigenous spiritual ways and a healer. She is also a professional educator, with a Masters Degree in Education who has lectured at Universities in Canada and at many national and international conferences on the challenge of personal spiritual renewal as the guiding force for Nation building.

From 1976 to 1994, Diane was director of research programs and educational offices both provincially and nationally with First Nations organizations and universities.

From 1994 to the present, her leadership responsibilities at the Sacred Fire of the Thunder (located at Six Nations) include conducting ceremonies, retreats, fasts, vision quests, purification lodges and spiritual training for Warriors of Peace.

Kahontakwas believes in the Spiritual Laws of the Creator and the Natural Laws of Mother Earth, the Four Sacred Ceremonies, the Great Law of Peace brought by the Peacemaker thousands of years ago and the prophecies that guide our way forward.

Many dreams, visions and the cherished guidance of Elders have brought Diane to a place of deep spiritual commitment to serve the Plan of the Creator for the rebirth of humanity and the renewal of Mother Earth.

Within the work of Soul of the Mother, Kahontakwas leads a dedicated group of Spiritual Warriors and Elders. Their work is allied to global organizations of similar interests. Service to First Nations and to society for personal healing and transformation, peace building and the restoration of sacred laws is the calling of Soul of the Mother.

pic-26Dora (Vivi) Silverstein

Vivi Ojalvo Silverstein was born in Colombia, South America. Her Ancestors are Jewish from the Sephardic Peoples of Turkey. She was educated in the United States and Mexico. In 1980, she made her journey to Canada and began a beautiful family.

Vivi has volunteered for Hadassag-Wizzo, a Jewish women’s organization.  From 1995 to 2007 Vivi was an instructor of the ancient Chinese art of Tai-Chi and Qi-Gong at the Jewish Community Centre and various schools in Toronto.

She had her first of four open heart surgeries when she was twenty-five-years old. These surgeries led her to begin her quest for answers to the spiritual and emotional questions she began to ask herself.

In 1996, Vivi was introduced to the ancient ceremonies and medicines of the Indigenous peoples of North America. She was moved and humbled by the Sacred Fire, unconditional love, and by the strong connection with the Creator, Mother Earth, and the Ancestors.

This simple and ancient Sacred Fire gave her heart the strength to engage in her healing, understand her gifts, and be faithful to the vision for her life.

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pic-25Francesco (Frank) Mannella

Frank spent much of his life on a quest for truth. His search led him to the study of different spiritual traditions such as Christianity, Egyptology and Judaism. He met his teacher Diane Longboat in 1997 and through her, was introduced to the Sacred Fire – the centerpiece of all Indigenous ceremonies. As he spent time by the Sacred Fire, he realized that his quest finally led him to a place of truth, where he has remained ever since.

Frank is a gifted teacher and visionary. He leads men’s healing circles and was instrumental in receiving a vision for the lighting of a Sacred Fire that continued to burn for seven years.

Through the Sacred Fire, thousands of people from different parts of the world joined to make prayers for humanity for all of Creation.

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pic-24Cynthia (Cindy) White, Kawennanoron
Treasurer to the Governing CouncilCindy was born into the Mohawk community of Akwesasne. Her lineage is Onondaga Snipe Clan. The Mohawk name given to her at birth is Kawennanoron. The translation is “Precious Words.” She currently lives at the Six Nations Grand River Territory in Southern Ontario, Canada, where she is a Spiritual and Ceremonial Leader and has been involved in spiritual training since 1994. She attended the State University of New York at Plattsburgh where she studied nursing and received a Bachelor of Science degree.According to Kawennanoron, Spiritual Training requires that one is engaged in one’s own healing. It is this journey of healing that has led her to understand that prayer is a humble cry from the heart. She believes that a soul can be purified from pain and torment, thus producing change in a human being.

Through her own process of change, Kawenanoron shares what she has learned with others as a means of giving back what she has received from the Creator.

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pic-23Jacqueline (Jackie) Ryan
Secretary to the Governing CouncilJackie Ryan is a graduate of McMaster University where she received her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. In her journey, she experienced the trials and sickness of heart that many young people face, and endeavoured to find a way forward to find meaning in life. Through the strength of the prayers of the women in her lineage (both living and passed into the Spirit World), her pathway led to the Sacred Fires of the Indigenous Peoples.In her final year of University, she met her teacher Diane Longboat and has since chosen to focus her time and energy on her own healing and spiritual training. Through the ceremonies of the Indigenous People, Jackie has rediscovered the Creator, Mother Earth, her Spirit Helpers, and her Ancestors. It is through her Ancestral work that she has earned back (and continues to work to earn back) the Ancient traditions and ceremonies that her own people once carried.

Jackie’s passion and calling revolves around her work with children. She is the founder and executive director of a not-for-profit organization that works with Indigenous organizations to share ancient wisdom and life principles with children. Its vision is to encompass a new model of education that helps children realize their full potential. She believes that each child is a beautiful gift with intuitive wisdom that can be supported into fruition. Jackie is also the national coordinator of Children’s Lands Canada. This global organization encourages adults to donate land to children and to support them as they work collectively to create a microcosm of the kind of world they wish to see. Jackie is currently working with families, organizations and schools to facilitate the implementation of this program. Jackie also leads monthly teachings for children and their families that respect the wisdom and ancient knowledge of the Indigenous Peoples, while connecting children to their Ancestral lineages for authentic spiritual experiences. Jackie recognizes the importance of nurturing Spirit in order to assist the gifted children of this millennium to walk as our future leaders.

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