Nation Building and Community Visits

Nation Building

pic-7Rebuilding the Nations of the World on a strong, ancient, Original spiritual foundation is our goal.

Our work is the restoration of ancient Indigenous wisdom, values and spiritual lifeways empowering modern life. Ceremonies allow the individual the gift of remembering old ways and connections to the world of the Spirit and to Mother Earth’s rhythm. Peace begins with the heart of one person seeking balance and moves through the family, the clan, and the community, and eventually the Nation.

pic-8We work with First Nation’s Chiefs and Councils to discuss traditional forms of governance, traditional laws, consensus building, and new paradigms of empowerment. In addition, we coordinate the development of Elders’ Councils to advise political leadership on the way forward.

If interested, please contact Soul of the Mother at (905)765-4478
to find out details and to confirm your attendance.

Community Visits
Visits to First Nations Communities

pic-9Over the last two decades, Soul of the Mother has been actively visiting First Nations communities in Canada bringing ceremonies of healing, teaching, and reconciliation to thousands of our people seeking a traditional way of life in a modern context. Since 2000, visits to Indigenous peoples in the US have culminated in the establishment of a Southern Lodge connected to the Sacred Fire of the Thunder.

Ceremonies include the Purification Lodge, Naming Ceremony, spiritual guidance for life’s issues, Ancestor Ceremonies, Women’s Ceremonies, Moon Ceremony, Men’s Ceremonies, Children’s Ceremonies, Rites of Passage, Warrior Dance, Ghost Dance, Death and Dying Ceremony, Marriage Ceremony, Water Ceremony, Grieving Ceremony, Little People Ceremony, Contrary Dance and Women’s Councils.

pic-10Children learn by doing and modelling after spiritually strong and balanced adults who lead their ceremonies and teachings. These particular children in the photo are preparing to enter the purification lodge specifically prepared for them. Community visits ensure that children and youth value their language, culture and ceremonial traditions to encourage them to become the next generation leaders.

If interested, please contact Soul of the Mother at (905)765-4478
to find out details.