Men’s Gatherings


Men’s Gatherings

pic-4 The Ancients tell us of the time of balance between man and woman… The time is now.

In 2004, we were called by Spirit to host monthly ceremonies of healing for the men. Since this time, men have been gathering each month at the Sacred Fire of the Thunder to honour this vision and to receive teachings on the sacredness of Mother Earth and all female life. It is time for the men to find their proper place in the cycle of creation, and to remember the true meaning of who they are and the sacred duties that have been given to them by the Creator.



pic-5In these ceremonies men learn ancient and original traditional Indigenous ways of healing for personal spiritual growth. Issues such as relationships, sexuality, fatherhood, dealing with negative emotions, rites of passage, stages of life, Ancestral lineage, connection to the Spirit World, connection to the natural laws of Mother Earth, the path of the Spiritual Warrior and the fulfilment of destiny are explored.

Each weekend gathering typically consists of fasting, prayers offered at the Sacred Fire, teachings, sharing circles, individual time on the land and a Purification (Sweat) Lodge.

There has never been a time in the history of humanity such as this new era. We are living in a time when the “call of Spirit” is demanding our active engagement in a spiritual quest to understand destiny. We need to know our gifts, what work must we achieve during the time of our Earth walk, and how to walk in “balance” to understand, honour and protect the sacredness of all life. Soul of the Mother offers monthly ceremonies for the men to assist them in this process.
If interested, please contact us at (905)765-4478 to find out details.