International Work

The international visits of Soul of the Mother have lead to the formation of partnerships with unique organisations and individuals who share a common vision of unity within the Human Family through a collective consciousness of peace and brotherhood.

The members of Soul of the Mother have travelled globally to offer the Ancient Indigenous Wisdom of Turtle Island in order to reconcile relationships damaged by colonisation and war, to consecrate the lands devastated by conflict in order to bring balance through the blessing of the spiritual power of the Creator.

Shaping New Worlds Foundation shares the way of Council through the sacred circle as a process for organising human capacity, governance, reconciliation and peace making.

Global Council for Indigenous Spirit and Well Being is a sub-group of the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality. It explores the application of new paradigms for humanity based on Indigenous Sacred Law for the formation of new methods of governance, health and well being, education, law, economics, philosophy and so on, created from ancient institutions.

World Wisdom Alliance assists in aligning organisations throughout with whom we share common goals of restoring peace to bring balance to humanity and to the natural world.

Generation Waking Up is a world wide network of youth committed to global action, alliances and leadership training to bring forward the next generation of leaders with moral and ethical values and respectful of a spiritual foundation. The youth are committed to forming a just, viable, thriving and sustainable world.

University of Multiplicity in Uganda will open in 2014 as the school of the future, utilising the sacred worldviews of African Nations, governed by a Council of High Priests with a lens of traditional knowledge on contemporary challenges.

pic-16Source of Synergy Foundation based in New York City with a global reach has nurtured the formation of Evolutionary Leaders as part of its calling to serve the highest good for humanity. Futurist thinkers, writers, activists and organisers are part of a shared network of alliances to focus change on social justice issues, environment, climate change, global conflict, hunger and human rights. SOSF is a conscious evolutionary movement for global transformation.

Celebration of Women Foundation is an international group of women leaders, writers, activists and organisers in a world hub or a wheel of women leaders who care for all life. Recent work includes the “Women of Action” movement featuring women who have met extraordinary development challenges in a world of poverty, sexual slavery and pollution while promoting education, spiritual development, women and children’s rights and social justice issues.

Women of Spirit and Faith is an international organisation of women spiritual leaders in service of a just and compassionate new world paradigm. Networks are developing in Canada during 2012 and 2013.

pic-17World Spirit Forum in Arosa, Switzerland in 2008 invited SOM to participate in the Youth Council affiliate of WSF.

Rekindling Indigenous Spirit formed an alliance of Indigenous peoples of all races through international gatherings in 2004, 2007 and 2008. A trip to Ireland revealed the land of saints, mystics, scholars and fairies and as a place where Spirit is present, waiting and speaking great messages in strongholds all over the country. It is also the place where ways of colonising the Spirit, lands and minds of other peoples were first documented, developed, practised and resisted from 1157 onward.

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pic-20Global Passageways represented an international conference of adults and youth in Hilo, Hawaii in 2008 where rites of passage were examined across many traditions and faiths. Activists, writers and great thinkers gathered to share and explore passageways from childhood to adulthood with guidance from Indigenous Nations.

pic-21Global Walk for Peace has been completed three times around the planet by Audri Williams and her team of walkers from every part of the world. From November 2010 to November 2011, the Global Walk for Peace travelled throughout continental US visiting impoverished towns, villages, urban ghettos and reservations to bring service work as a gift and to share the hope for peace. Representatives of the GWP visited the Sacred Fire of the Thunder to gather embers that they carried during their walk so that they could light Sacred Fires during their year long challenge.

Southern Lodge of the Sacred Fire of the Thunder is in Schuyler, Virginia has been operating since 2005 as a gathering place for urban Indigenous peoples to find ceremonies that feed the spirit and engage them in a journey of healing. Visits to the Southern Lodge occur in the spring and fall. Regular visits from the south to the northern Sacred Fire are completed by members of the southern lodge seeking ceremonial guidance.

pic-22Monastery Certosa 2012
Serra San Bruno
With Francesco Mannella