Sustaining Soul of the Mother

Dear Friend,

As someone with a deep connection and passion for the preservation of Mother Earth, you are already aware of the critical importance of sustainability – without it, all life-supporting systems are compromised.

As a living organization that is profoundly committed to integrity, accountability, transparency, and transformative programming and ceremony, we know that sustainability is the key to the manifestation of the vision we have been entrusted with through Ceremony. This vision is to create a space for the preservation of indigenous wisdom and healing traditions, to foster increased opportunities for local and global peace-building through indigenous ways, and to re-establish human connection with the Earth for the purpose of environmental protection and the restoration of ecological balance. All of this work is undertaken for the children and for future generations – they are at the centre of our vision and the driving force that is our purpose.

We are aware that we cannot fully manifest this vision without the sustained commitment of a Circle of Friends who share a deep and abiding belief in this work.

Please become a monthly donor, and support this critical work during the Great Turning. Your donation is vital for Soul of the Mother to become a strong force for real, meaningful change during these remarkable times.


The Governing Council of Soul of the Mother

How To Donate Using

One Time Donations
You select the amount you wish to donate.
Monthly $30.00 Donation
Recurring donation of $1.00/day (paid monthly)
Monthly $60.00 Donation
Recurring donation of $2.00/day (paid monthly)
Monthly $90.00 Donation
Recurring donation of $3.00/day (paid monthly)


To Send Donations By Cheque

Please make cheque payable to ‘Soul of the Mother‘ and mail it to:

Soul of the Mother
Six Nations Grand River Territory
P.O. Box 721
Ohsweken, On
N0A 1M0

Become A Part Of Our Team

Each year, thousands of volunteer hours are donated by individuals who believe in the work and help to maintain the sacredness of the lands, lodges and ceremonies. The Ancient Ones tell us that during this time the Human Family must unite and support each other. Each person’s gifts are unique and are being called upon to build a new future for our children. No one person or family can succeed on their own. We value the gift of your time and look forward to continuing our work together on behalf of the children and the future generations.

We hope that you will be able to join us throughout the year, and that our relationship with one another will be one of shared commitment and unity in the humbling presence and grace of Living Spirit.

For those of you wishing to support our work through the gift of your time, we have a group of wonderfully dedicated volunteers who are coordinating training and volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Please contact us by email.