Customised Retreats

pic-3Today the wave of Spirit is sweeping the face of Mother Earth causing more and more people to awaken to a spiritual quest of truth seeking demanding active engagement in attaining their gifts of life for the fulfilment of destiny. Personal healing is the foundation for spiritual growth to attain balance, and walk in the world with integrity.

Based on a spiritual foundation, corporations, service agencies and all levels of government are realising that collaboration and ethical decision making characterise the way forward. Old measures of success are no longer viable.

The new era of humanity demands the New Mind be applied to lead the shift. The New Mind is the spiritually guided mind, connected to the Creator, receiving guidance immediately and leading in ways consistent with the natural rhythm of Mother Earth and the universal spiritual laws of the Spirit World.

To this end, retreats are planned to take the individuals on a spiritual journey in sacred lands, in a protected environment with highly trained Spiritual Warriors so that maximum connection to the Spirit World can be achieved for each person.

Retreats may include Fasting Lodges, Vision Quests, Purification Lodges, Renewal Ceremonies, Ancestor Ceremonies, Rites of Passage Celebrations, Naming Ceremonies and Dream Interpretation.

Soul of the Mother offers Customised Retreats to groups and organisations wishing to seek spiritual direction and “vision” to guide their work in this new time. If interested, please contact us directly to discuss your wishes and to set up an experience that is specifically designed to meet the individual needs of your group. (905)765-4478