Cindy’s Story

pic-24Cynthia (Cindy) White, Kawennanoron
Treasurer to the Governing Council

I was born Cynthia M. White. My mother also gave me the name KAWENNANORON in the Mohawk language; it means “precious words.” I come from the Mohawk Territory of Akwesasne, which is a community that lies in both Canada and the United States near Cornwall, Ontario. I belong to the Snipe Clan. I grew up in a Catholic home and was taught to say my prayers before bed each night. I went to church as a child with my Grandmother and my Great-grandparents. However, I remember times when my family sought the help of healers in our traditional ways when all other avenues were insufficient. As I matured, I followed no spiritual path and went to church only for weddings and funerals.

In February 1996, I was introduced to Indigenous ceremonies and began to follow the ancient teachings of my people. I came from a place of great darkness. My life had been consumed with drugs, alcohol, and dysfunction on many levels. I was not proud of being an Indigenous woman and I lived in a world of illusions. In an attempt to create a happy world, I believed I could control and possess things that were out of my reach. When I began my healing process, I discovered how truly empty and lonely my life had become, and how genuine happiness had escaped my grasp.

I gradually discovered a world of Spirit – a world that does not exist externally, but rather exists inside each and every one of us. This reality comes from connection and communication with the Highest. Spirit is at our fingertips and is waiting to be fully embraced in heart, mind and spirit. Change is essential in order to heal and evolve into higher spiritual beings. On this journey, the negative emotions of fear, loneliness, envy, greed, obsession and possessiveness need to be purged from our beings. Along the way, gifts emerge that must be used for the healing of all of Creation. It is in this service to the One Who Made Us, where I have found love, peace, happiness and fulfillment. My journey has not been easy; I have sacrificed much. I have left my home community and my family. I have left a promising career. My journey of transformation continues. I am beginning to taste freedom as I work to become one with the Spirit. I have come to understand that as I work in service for the Creator, I have earned immeasurable blessings and healing for myself and for my family. Miracles.

We have all come from the Creator. He has put in place many Spirits to help us find our way back to Him and the great medicine of Love. Our first Mother, the Earth, waits for us to align ourselves with Her. I am beginning to remember. I want to be able to remember this every day, all day. I give gratitude to my Ancestors for creating the reality that I walk in today, so that I may stand in my medicine and embrace the person the Creator intended me to be.

There is a look in the faces of people who have been touched by the Creator. They are touched in a way they have never before felt. Their eyes glisten, their face glows and there is a real presence of peace. One would never know by looking at this picture that there was once a story of great pain, suffering and torment. It is the infinite power of the Creator, the One Who Made Us, that changes the state of those who come to the Sacred Fire of the Thunder. That is why I remain here.