Ceremonial Protocol

Protocol For Personal Conduct During Ceremonies

  1. All participation in ceremonies is by free will and personal choice.
  2. The ceremonies are open to all persons who respect the sacredness of the Lodge and its components, the directions provided by the Ceremonial Leaders, and the presence of all races of the human family.
  3. All participants in ceremony are treated equally and respectfully by others and by the Ceremonial Leaders.
  4. Ancient Indigenous wisdom and tools to strengthen one’s Spirit are shared in Ceremony. Participants are encouraged to practice the tools and discipline in between ceremonies to integrate the teachings into a way of life.
  5. Children are MOST WELCOME to participate in ceremonies. Children and teenagers (under the age of 18) must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or adult and must have written permission from the legal parent/guardian.
  6. Children are the responsibility of the parent/guardian and must be supervised at all times. The supervision, protection and safety of the children must be a priority for the parent/guardian.
  7. Physical or emotional violence will not be tolerated. Guidance can be given to participants seeking spiritual direction on how to overcome these negative behaviors.
  8. Our land and lodges are alcohol and drug free. We ask that participants respect the sacredness of the medicines and do not bring recreational drugs or alcohol onto the ceremonial grounds. A four-day cleansing period (prior to attending ceremony) is recommended for those participants who use recreational drugs, alcohol, or solvents. We encourage participants to find healing from these addictive substances.
  9. All participants have the responsibility to keep the ceremonial grounds clean and tidy.
  10. Family members who wish to support the healing journey of their loved one will be advised on the most appropriate time to attend ceremony in their honour.
  11. Participants are responsible for the decisions they make regarding their own healing journey and the fulfillment of the sacred directions provided to them.
  12. Participants are required to: Prepare themselves, the offerings and the ceremonial grounds for the onset of ceremony, keep the ceremonial grounds clean and tidy at all times, clean up after the completion of ceremony, and respect that no pets are allowed on site or in the camping area.
  13. There will be times when Spiritual Leaders of other faiths and races will be invited to share teachings at the fire. We expect all participants to treat our guests with kindness and to show respect for their way of life.
  14. All participants are expected to honour the spiritual direction that the Leaders share regarding one’s conduct in ceremony.
  15. Positive thinking, daily spiritual practice, learning and applying the sacred teachings to one’s life is expected of all participants who are committed to changing their lives and who wish to engage in a “sacred” way of life.
  16. Abuse of any kind, (emotional, physical, spiritual or mental) towards the Ceremonial Leaders, other participants or volunteers will not be tolerated. Security will escort this individual (or individuals) off the property and the police will be notified.
  17. We ask that couples refrain from intimate relations during the time of ceremony.
  18. Proper dress is required at all times on ceremonial grounds. Women are asked to wear long skirts and long or short-sleeved shirts. Men wear long pants and long or short-sleeved shirts. No tank tops, shorts or short skirts are permitted. Regalia from your Nation is appreciated as daily attire.
  19. We ask that you honour the Sacred breath of Life that has been given to each one of us and refrain from swearing/cursing in any language.
  20. Please bring your own tobacco, cloth and food offerings for each ceremony.
  21. For most ceremonies, a minimum donation will be set to ensure that infrastructure costs are met and that gatherings can continue (wood bill, portable toilet rentals, sundry items, support for workers etc…) For those who cannot meet the minimum donation, volunteer opportunities will be made available in place of monetary donation so that the circle of giving is complete. Please speak to a Soul of the Mother representative before the ceremony to find out details.
  22. All participants must sign liability waivers. Medical conditions must be reported to the Ceremonial Leaders and Hosts of the gathering. Medical forms must be completed by all participants with a complete list of your medications and the name of the person designated by you to administer such in case of emergency.
  23. Emergency numbers for police, ambulance, fire and other agencies must be readily available for the Hosts and participants.
  24. Use of any photographic devices is not allowed. We also ask that participants not share details of their activities in public forums such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  25. Copyright by Soul of the Mother March 2009
  26. Reproduction of this document can be done only by written permission of Soul of the Mother